What does NN mean in genealogy?

Nomen nescio (pronounced [ˈnoːmɛn ˈnɛskɪ. oː]), abbreviated to N.N., is used to signify an anonymous or unnamed person. From Latin nomen – “name”, and nescio – “I do not know”, it literally means “I do not know the name”.

What does GG mean in ancestry?

For example: If you share a 3rd Great Grandfather this makes 4 ‘Gs’ (great, great, great grand) and thus you are 4th cousins. If the number is different, say it is your 3rd GG and her 4th GG, then take the lower number for the cousinship and add ‘once removed’, since you are one generation ‘out-of-kilter.

What does LNU mean in genealogy?

LNU indicates that the Last Name of a person is UNKNOWN. FNU similiarly means First Name Unknown. UNK just means unknown. Therefore FNU LNU is a pseudonym used by genealogists, but sometimes used by law enforcement, instead of using John Doe, to indicate someone whose first and last names are unknown.

What does OC mean in genealogy?

MI to Rev

MI Monumental (gravestone) Inscription, or Marriage Index
Oc(c) Occupier, occupied
ODR Out Door Relief
OED Oxford English Dictionary
OG Old (Burial) Ground

What does NN mean in books?

N.N. — Uknown name, used as a placeholder for unknown names, (from Latin ‘Nomen Nescio’) Google books link.

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What does NN mean in Rust?

nn is a feedforward neural network library. The library generates fully connected multi-layer artificial neural networks that are trained via backpropagation. Networks are trained using an incremental training mode.

What does OS mean in genealogy?

Common family tree abbreviations

Common family tree abbreviations
O.S. Old Style (Julian) Calendar
o.t.p. Of this Parish
p.r. Parish Register
R.C. Roman Catholic

What does CA mean in genealogy?

ca. ( abbreviation) Circa [circa: “around”], means “about” or “around” cem. ( abbreviation)

What does Jno mean in genealogy?

In genealogy records, ‘JNO’ or ‘Jno” is an abbreviation for the name ‘John.

What is surname Lnu?

Re: Can I write LNU (last name unknown) in field of Surname.

What ethnicity is LNU?

Lnu (Russian: Лну) is more frequently found in The United States than any other country/territory.

What does MNU mean in a name?

Maiden Name Unknown (genealogy) MNU.