What day of the week did Family Ties air?

The show first premiered on September 22, 1982 and for the first two seasons, it aired on Wednesday nights. In the show’s third season, it started airing on Thursday nights until 1987 when it was moved to Sunday nights which aired until the series’ end.

What night of the week did Family Ties air?

Tracy Pollan, who played Alex Keaton’s girlfriend Ellen, later married Michael J. Fox in real life. The show was a long-time staple of NBC’s “Must See TV” Thursday night line-up. After season five, the show moved from Thursday night following The Cosby Show (1984) to Sunday night.

Did Mallory and Nick get married on Family Ties?

They decide to get married, but her f… … Talking with Nick, she dreams more of married life with a family than of college. They decide to get married, but her family is shocked and tries to talk her out of it. Mallory feels the pressure of college and home, and finds it too much.

Did Meredith Baxter and Michael J Fox get along?

“It’s cliché to say that it was like a family and everybody always says, ‘They’re so great. We all loved each other. ‘ But we really did,” Fox, now 54, said. Fox’s onscreen mom, Baxter, marveled at the number of years that have passed since the show ended its seven-season run.

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What happened on last episode of Family Ties?

The Real Thing | Family Ties Wiki | Fandom.

Where did Alex Keaton go to college?

Alex receives a scholarship to fictional Leland University, which is located close enough for him to continue to live at home and commute. Keaton excels at Leland and teaches an economics course as a teaching assistant.

What years did family ties air?

Family Ties is an American sitcom television series that aired on NBC for seven seasons, premiering on September 22, 1982, and concluding on May 14, 1989.

Did Family Ties cast get along?

We have family members that are on different pages and we do get along.” Fortunately, the cast got along just as well offscreen. “I think I took some of how great we were together for granted,” said Gross. “I didn’t know how contrary some shows could be and how some casts quarreled the way they did.

What happened to Jennifer from Family Ties?

Tina Yothers (Jennifer Keaton)

THEN: Yothers started acting at just 3 years old in commercials. … NOW: Yothers took a break from acting after Family Ties to focus on music, putting together a band with her brother Cory called Jaded in the late 1990s.

Why was Meredith Baxter Birney not on Family Ties?

Meredith Baxter Birney does not appear in some episodes in Season 3 (fall 1984) because she (while playing a pregnant mother) was herself pregnant and would deliver twins on 10/2/1984.

What is the best episode of Family Ties?

The Best Episodes Of Family Ties According To Fans

  • A, My Name is Alex. There’s nothing like the unexpected loss of a loved one to make a person question their mortality. …
  • Mr. Wrong. …
  • The Real Thing. …
  • Speed Trap. …
  • 4 Rms Ocn Vu. …
  • Alex Doesn’t Live Here Anymore. …
  • The Harder They Fall. …
  • Say Uncle.
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