How do I upload my GEDCOM to Family Search?

How do I import a GEDCOM file into a family historian?

Getting Started. The best way to import a GEDCOM file, and the only way to do a direct import, is to start of by selecting File > Project Window… from the main ƒh menu. Click on the <New Project> button, and select either “Import a GEDCOM file” or “Import from another family tree file”.

How do I view GEDCOM files in FamilySearch?

How do I find the GEDCOM file that I uploaded?

  1. While signed in to FamilySearch, click Search.
  2. Click Genealogies.
  3. Scroll down past the search fields to the section, “What are Genealogies?”
  4. Click Submit Your Tree.
  5. You can see all GEDCOM files you uploaded.

How do I transfer ancestry to FamilySearch?

Move to FamilySearch Family Tree: Find the ancestor for whom you want to add the new record.


  1. To open the image, click on the thumbnail image of the record you want to save.
  2. In the upper-right hand corner of the image page, click on the Save button.
  3. In the resulting drop-down box, select Save to my computer.
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Can you upload a tree to FamilySearch?

Go to the Search tab and click “Genealogies.” Then scroll to the bottom and click “Submit Tree” under the heading of “Contribute your research to the community.” You can upload your GEDCOM files by clicking the “Add GEDCOM” button.

How do I create a GEDCOM file in Family Tree Maker?

How to create a GEDCOM file

  1. In your genealogy program, open the family tree you want to submit to the WorldConnect.
  2. Click the File drop-down menu.
  3. Select Save as or Export from the menu. …
  4. Select the location on your computer where you want to save the file.

What is GEDCOM on my heritage?

A GEDCOM is a plain-text file that contains genealogical information and can be used to recreate a family tree on MyHeritage and other genealogy platforms. It can’t preserve photographs, but when you export a GEDCOM from MyHeritage, it does preserve links to photographs.

How do I upload a GEDCOM file?

From any page on Ancestry, click the Trees tab and select Create & Manage Trees. At the bottom of the page, click Upload a GEDCOM file. On the Upload a Family Tree page, click Choose File or Browse. Select the GEDCOM file you want to upload and click Open.

How do I import a GEDCOM file?


  1. Log in to your family site.
  2. Move your mouse cursor on the ‘Family Tree’ tab and select ‘Import GEDCOM’.
  3. Browse your computer for the GEDCOM file and click ‘Upload’.
  4. Depending on the size of the file, it may take a few minutes to upload.
  5. In order to see your new family tree, click on the ‘Family Tree’ tab.
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How do I export a GEDCOM file from FamilySearch?

Exporting a GEDCOM from FamilySearch

Currently, a GEDCOM file cannot be exported directly from FamilySearch Family Tree. However, you can use partner programs of FamilySearch to get the data from FamilySearch Family Tree, and then create a GEDCOM file in those programs.

How do I transfer my family tree from ancestry to FamilySearch?

To sync your information:

  1. On the Profile screen, click the FamilySearch icon. Ancestry will then search your FamilySearch tree to find possible matches and will display those for you.
  2. If you believe the two individuals are a match, click Connect Person.

How do I add my wife to FamilySearch?

Steps (website)

  1. Sign in to FamilySearch, then click Family Tree.
  2. Navigate to the Person page of the individual whose spouse you want to add.
  3. If you do not see Vitals near the top of the page, click Details.
  4. Scroll down to the Family Members section.
  5. Under Spouses and Children, click Add Spouse.