You asked: How do I delete MyHeritage account?

Can you delete MyHeritage?

Find the site you want to delete and click on the title to enter the site. Then click on your name once again and select ‘Site Settings’. In ‘Site Settings’ section click on ‘General’ and go to the ‘Administration’ tab. There you will see the ‘Delete your family site’ option.

How do I delete my photos from heritage?

Click on the ‘Photos’ button on the top toolbar to open the Photos section in Family Tree Builder. 2. Select the photo that you want to delete, and either click ‘Delete’ button on the upper toolbar, or make a right-click on the photo and select ‘Delete’ option.

How do I get rid of tree my heritage?

On the ‘Manage Trees’ page you will see the list of the trees on your family site, basic information about them, and various management options. 4. Click on ‘Delete’ next to the name of the tree you would like to delete.

What happens if I cancel MyHeritage subscription?

When your site subscription expires, your data is saved on your family site. You will have restricted access to the site options, but you can either renew your subscription or downgrade back to the Basic plan.

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How do I cancel my free trial on MyHeritage?

How do I cancel my free trial?

  1. Select ‘Data subscriptions’ on the left side, and click on ‘View details’.
  2. Click on ‘Stop free trial now’.
  3. Select ‘Complete subscription’ on the left side, and click on ‘View details’. Then, click on ‘Stop free trial now’.

How do I contact MyHeritage by phone?

1 (800) 987-9000
MyHeritage/Контактный центр
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