Where do I find FamilySearch settings?

Sign in to FamilySearch. In the upper right corner, click your name. Click Settings.

Where is the menu bar in FamilySearch?

The Show or Hide menu allows you to select which research indicators and view options you want to see in Family Tree. To access the menu, click the Show button at the upper right of the web browser window. The drop-down menu will appear.

How do I correct information on FamilySearch?

Steps (Family Tree Lite)

  1. On the Family screen, tap the name of the person whose information you want to correct.
  2. Tap the information that you want to change, and tap Edit.
  3. Review the reason statement. …
  4. Edit the information. …
  5. Enter a reason statement to explain why the information is correct. …
  6. Tap Save.

What has happened to FamilySearch?

The new.FamilySearch.org website was recently closed down because, among other things, it no longer allowed us to provide the best possible service and data resources to our users. The few users who were still using the new.FamilySearch.org site were redirected to the current FamilySearch Family Tree website.

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How do I activate FamilySearch?

First-Time Account Activation for Access to the Family Tree

To activate your current FamilySearch Account for access to the Family Tree, just sign in on the special access page. Go to http://familysearch.org/invite/familytree_tab to sign in using your normal user name and password.

How do I print timeline in Familysearch?

The timeline lacks a built-in print option. But you can use your browser print option. If the map is open, click Map to close it. Use the standard command to print in your browser and operating system.

What is a family time line?

A timeline is a chronological list of events for a person, family, or location. This is helpful for analyzing events in a family by showing gaps in knowledge about a family or events that probably did not or could not happen for this family.

Can you have more than one tree on FamilySearch?

A user can create and access multiple trees, so it is important to keep a mapping to the ID of the tree created.

How do I fix errors in FamilySearch?

Find the incorrectly indexed record. Display the indexed content (not the image). In the dark banner at the top, click Edit.

Make your correction:

  1. In the corresponding fields, enter the data as it shows on the image. …
  2. Select a reason for the change.
  3. (Optional) Enter a note to explain your change.

How do I remove my wife from FamilySearch?

Steps (mobile app)

  1. Navigate to the Person page of the individual with the incorrect spouse.
  2. Tap the Spouses tab.
  3. Underneath the incorrect spouse’s name, tap the pencil icon on the right.
  4. Tap Remove or Replace Wife.
  5. Tap the empty box once you have read the information about removing and replacing a spouse.
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Is FamilySearch a safe site?

For trees with thousands of names, you could have mistakes and not know them. If you’re unwilling to admit to potential flaws in your research, don’t use FamilySearch. However, if you’re willing to admit to making mistakes, FamilySearch is a great platform.

Is FamilySearch org free?

Yes, FamilySearch really is free. … Originally intended for Church members, FamilySearch resources help millions of people around the world discover their heritage and connect with family members.

Is FamilySearch website down?

Familysearch.org is UP and reachable by us. The above graph displays service status activity for Familysearch.org over the last 10 automatic checks. The blue bar displays the response time, which is better when smaller.

How do I recover my FamilySearch account?

If you have forgotten your username, you can retrieve it:

  1. Click Forgot Username?
  2. Select a recovery method available for your account. Mobile: Enter your mobile number. A verification code comes to that number. Enter the verification code into the provided field, and click Continue. Email: Enter your email address.

Why can’t I log into FamilySearch?

Steps. Clear your FamilySearch Cookies at https://www.familysearch.org/cookies. If clearing your cookies does not work, recover your FamilySearch username and password if you have forgotten them. If you still cannot sign in, please contact FamilySearch Support.

How old do you have to be to have a FamilySearch account?

Anyone 13 years old or older can register for a FamilySearch account without parental permission.