What years was Family Ties on TV?

How did family ties series end?

Family Ties’s series finale aired 30 years ago, on May 14, 1989, with Alex moving to New York City to take a job—though not before giving his family a heartfelt goodbye.

Did the cast of family ties get along?

We have family members that are on different pages and we do get along.” Fortunately, the cast got along just as well offscreen. “I think I took some of how great we were together for granted,” said Gross.

What happened to Greg in family ties?

We learn that Greg was killed in a car crash while running an errand that Alex had declined to help him with.

What episode does Ellen leave Alex on family ties?

The Real Thing | Family Ties Wiki | Fandom.

Where was family ties filmed?

Modeled after the childhood home of executive producer Gary David Goldberg, the exterior of the middle-class residence was never seen. (Though the show was set in Columbus, Ohio, the series was filmed on a soundstage at Paramount Studios in Hollywood.)

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Who was Mallory’s boyfriend on family ties?

Saratoga native Scott Valentine, who debuted in the third episode of Season 4 as Mallory’s delightfully oddball boyfriend Nick Moore, went on to become one of the series’ breakout stars, appearing in 45 episodes.

Did Meredith Baxter and Michael J Fox get along?

“It’s cliché to say that it was like a family and everybody always says, ‘They’re so great. We all loved each other. ‘ But we really did,” Fox, now 54, said. Fox’s onscreen mom, Baxter, marveled at the number of years that have passed since the show ended its seven-season run.

How old is Justine Bateman now?

The cast wanted to end the show with the entire Keaton family dying in a plane crash. They absolutely didn’t want to do a reunion show in the future. Michael Gross once stated in an interview that he didn’t feel that Steven Keaton had much dimension or depth until the character of Nick was added.

Is Alex Keaton alive?

Fox) and his hippie parents, Steven (Michael Gross) and Elyse Keaton (Meredith Baxter).

Alex P. Keaton
Last appearance “Alex Doesn’t Live Here Anymore” (episode 7.24)
Created by Gary David Goldberg
Portrayed by Michael J. Fox
In-universe information

Was Tom Hanks in Family Ties?

Tom Hanks (1983-84)

A young Hanks had a multi-episode stint as “Uncle Ned” Donnelly during the series’ first two seasons. While the actor has since won two Oscars, this is presumably the only role that saw him chugging a bottle of vanilla extract.

Which episode of Family Ties was Tom Hanks in?

“Family Ties” Say Uncle (TV Episode 1984) – IMDb.

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What year did family ties end?

Family Ties is an American sitcom television series that aired on NBC for seven seasons, premiering on September 22, 1982, and concluding on May 14, 1989.