What exactly are genies?

Genies (or jinn, as they are better known in the Arabic world) are supernatural beings with roots in ancient Mesopotamian legends. Jinn, however, are not the lamp-dwelling, wish-granting benevolent servants that Westerners know from popular culture.

Can genies be evil?

Genies are creatures of free will; they can be good or evil and may even be religious or not. There are even various types of djinn, not unlike how the Fair Folk trope comprises many different monsters.

What are genies trapped in?

Aladdin (2019)

In the live-action remake of Aladdin, the lamp served the same basic role: containing an all-powerful Genie and hidden within the Cave of Wonders until Aladdin is sent by Jafar to retrieve it, only to be betrayed and trapped within the cave, but Abu was able to steal it back.

Are genies immortal?

Genies are effectively immortal, immune to the ravages of time and old age. When struck down by violence, a genie’s body evaporates, dissolves, or crumbles into its constituent elements. Upon its death, a genie’s soul is reabsorbed into the elemental plane of its birth and reincarnated into a new body.

What are the rules of genies?

In most genie stories, genies are bound to several rules. Most common rules are: They can grant only a limited number of wishes (mostly three), they can’t kill a person, they can’t make someone fall in love, they are bound to their lamp/ring/bottle etc.

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Why do genies give 3 wishes?

I think a better question is why do genies grant three wishes? Because each wish represents the three states of life; past, present, and future.

What are genies weaknesses?

Weaknesses. Genies share most of their weaknesses with their fay folk relatives, however, there is one weakness that is unique to their species. Magical object bond: Genies are bound to their magical object, and, as such, if that object is destroyed, then they will be destroyed along with it.

How do genies reproduce?

Although they resemble humanoid beings, genies are actually more like spirits given physical form. … They don’t mate with other genies or produce genie offspring, as all new genies are born out of the same mysterious fusion of spirit energy and elemental power.

Why do genies trick people?

Originally Answered: Why do genies always try and trick people and turn their 3 wishes against them? It’s a morality tale. The people who find the genie always wish for the same selfish things, and the genie perverts the wish to either punish them or teach them a lesson.