What does FS mean in genealogy?

Attaching FamilySearch (FS) Records to Family Tree Using the Source Linker. Language.

What is FS on a census?

F.S. ~ Female Servant (1841 Census)

What does MS and FS mean in 1841 census?

I’m looking at a page of the 1841 Census, and it appears that there are a lot of younger people (age 15-25) that have occupations listed F.S. (for females) and M. S. (for males).

What does DS mean in genealogy?

d.s. – document signed; died single. ds. – deaths; daughters.

What does C mean in genealogy?

C. – abbreviation of latin word “circa” meaning an approximate date or time. d.

Was there an 1831 census?

The fourth census of Great Britain (that is England, Scotland and Wales) was taken on Monday 30th May 1831. The returns gave a population of 16.54 million people, an increase of 1.9 million over 1821. There were 2.85 million inhabited buildings, occupied by 3.41 million families.

What does DW mean on a census?

D (Dw) Spouse’s occupation qualification. E. Not entitled to vote in local or parliamentary elections.

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What does MS mean on census records?

These are some of the most common terms and abbreviations found in the ‘Rank profession or occupation’ column: Ag lab – agricultural labourer. Annuitant – living on income from investments. Ap or App – apprentice. FS, MS – used in the 1841 census for ‘female servant’ and ‘male servant’

What does HH stand for census?

household. HH. A person or group of people who occupy a housing unit as their usual place of residence. ber of households equals the number of occupied housing units in a census.

What date was the 1841 census taken on?

The 1841 Census for England was taken on the night of 6 June 1841. All responses were to reflect the individual’s status as of 6 June 1841 for all individuals who had spent the night in the house. People who were traveling or living abroad were enumerated at the location where they spent the night on census night.

What does AP stand for in genealogy?

A to F

A + W Admon with Will attached
anc Ancestors or ancestry
anniv Anniversary
Ap(p). Apprentice
APG Association of Professional Genealogists (USA)

What does SP mean in genealogy?

s.p. = sine prole; without offspring.

What does NN mean in genealogy?

Nomen nescio (pronounced [ˈnoːmɛn ˈnɛskɪ. oː]), abbreviated to N.N., is used to signify an anonymous or unnamed person. From Latin nomen – “name”, and nescio – “I do not know”, it literally means “I do not know the name”.

What does GG mean in genealogy?

For example: If you share a 3rd Great Grandfather this makes 4 ‘Gs’ (great, great, great grand) and thus you are 4th cousins. If the number is different, say it is your 3rd GG and her 4th GG, then take the lower number for the cousinship and add ‘once removed’, since you are one generation ‘out-of-kilter.

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What does CSA mean in genealogy?

Genealogy Related Abbreviations, Acronyms, Initialism, and Post Nominals

AAGS African-American Genealogical Society
CSA Confederate States of America
CW Civil War (American)
DAB Dictionary of American Biography
DAR National Society Daughters of the American Revolution

What does Jno mean in genealogy?

Jno. ( abbreviation) Used for the names John or Johannes. joiner.