What does bt mean in genealogy?

What do the letters B D and M stand for on the family tree?

When using family tree abbreviations, it is prudent to use b. for born, bap. for baptised, m. for married and bur.

What does GG mean in ancestry?

For example: If you share a 3rd Great Grandfather this makes 4 ‘Gs’ (great, great, great grand) and thus you are 4th cousins. If the number is different, say it is your 3rd GG and her 4th GG, then take the lower number for the cousinship and add ‘once removed’, since you are one generation ‘out-of-kilter.

What does OC stand for in genealogy?

asked Oct 1, 2015 in Genealogy Help by Warren Ayer G2G4 (4.0k points) OC – owing the covenant. There is (or used to be) a Wikipedia article on the “Half-way Covenant” The other expression seems to be “Admitted Full Communion”.

What does DSP mean in genealogy?

– Date of death. dsp – Abbreviation of a latin term meaning died without issue.

What does Fl mean in genealogy?

Floruit (/ˈflɔːrjuɪt/), abbreviated fl. (or occasionally flor.), Latin for “he/she flourished”, denotes a date or period during which a person was known to have been alive or active.

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What does int mean in genealogy?

INT – Intestate, meaning the individual died without a will. Do – an abbreviation for “ditto”.

What does SP mean in genealogy?

s.p. = sine prole; without offspring.

What does temp mean in genealogy?

Yes m. = married and temp = temporarily. See: Geni https://www.geni.com/projects/Abbreviations-Acronyms-for-Genealogy-The-Accepted/3096.

What is Jno short for?

“Jno.”, abbreviation of John (given name)

What does UX mean in genealogy?

~ et sequentes (and the following) et ux ~ and wife or one other.

What is once removed in relatives?

Removed: This term describes the relationship between cousins across of different generations. Cousins who are “once removed” have a one-generation difference. A first cousin of your father is your first cousin, once removed. … Twice removed means that there is a two-generation difference between cousins.

What does died SP mean?

It stands for sine prole or ‘without issue’ so means what you thought.