Best answer: What is the synonym of pedigree?

ancestry, descent, lineage, line, line of descent, genealogy, family tree, extraction, derivation, origin, heritage, parentage, paternity, birth, family, dynasty, house, race, strain, stock, breed, blood, bloodline, history, background, roots.

What is an antonym for pedigree?

Opposite of of pure-bred descent or ancestry. hybrid. mongrel. mixed. crossbred.

What does it mean to pedigree someone?

2. countable all the past experiences or achievements of someone or something, especially when this shows that they are good or successful. The law firm’s pedigree is impeccable. Synonyms and related words.

What is the synonym and antonym of pedigree?

origin, lineage, stock, blood line, line, parentage, bloodline, stemma, blood, line of descent, ancestry, descent. Antonyms: crossbred. pedigree, bloodlineadjective.

What is another name for a pedigree chart?

It can be simply called as a “family tree”. Pedigrees use a standardized set of symbols, squares represent males and circles represent females.

What is the synonym of penury?

Some common synonyms of penury are destitution, indigence, poverty, and want. While all these words mean “the state of one with insufficient resources,” penury suggests a cramping or oppressive lack of money.

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What is a synonym for meiosis?

In this page you can discover 14 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for meiosis, like: meiotic, litotes, miosis, reduction-division, oogenesis, mitosis, prophase, cytokinesis, anaphase, telophase and gametogenesis.

What is a family pedigree?

A pedigree shows relationships between family members and indicates which individuals have certain genetic pathogenic variants, traits, and diseases within a family as well as vital status. A pedigree can be used to determine disease inheritance patterns within a family. Enlarge.

What is your pedigree?

Pedigree, genealogy refer to an account of ancestry. A pedigree is a table or chart recording a line of ancestors, either of persons or (more especially) of animals, as horses, cattle, and dogs; in the case of animals, such a table is used as proof of superior qualities: a detailed pedigree.

What is good pedigree?

An animal is considered to have a good pedigree when all its known ancestors are of the same type. … Someone’s pedigree is their background or their ancestors.

What is the synonym of congenial?


  • agreeable,
  • blessed.
  • (also blest),
  • darling,
  • delectable,
  • delicious,
  • delightful,
  • delightsome,

What is the synonym of variegated?

multicoloured, particoloured, varicoloured, multicolour, many-coloured, many-hued, polychromatic, colourful, prismatic, rainbow-like, rainbow, kaleidoscopic, psychedelic, jazzy, harlequin, motley. mottled, marbled, striated, streaked, speckled, flecked, patchy, blotchy, blotched, dappled.

What is the synonym of class?

category, grade, rating, classification, group, grouping, bracket, set, division.

What is an example of a pedigree?

Pedigrees are normally used to represent simple dominant and recessive traits. For example, having a widow’s peak hairline is dominant. … However, they can be carriers of the trait, and if they are carriers, their male children will be colorblind.

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