Best answer: What is strong pedigree?

What is a strong pedigree?

An animal is considered to have a good pedigree when all its known ancestors are of the same type. … Someone’s pedigree is their background or their ancestors.

What does lack of pedigree mean?

In essence, it is the documentation of the genetic and demographic history of an animal, and it can hold a treasure trove of useful information. … Most often, dog pedigrees are incomplete, either not including generations back to the founding of the breed, or missing animals in the subsequent generations.

How do you use the word pedigree?

Pedigree in a Sentence

  1. The dog’s pedigree identifies his parents as two purebreds.
  2. When the police reviewed the pedigree of the so-called prince, they learned he was not a member of any of the royal families.
  3. The pedigree of the unusual fruit can be traced back to several different species of fruit.

What does the word pedigreed means?

Definitions of pedigreed. adjective. having a list of ancestors as proof of being a purebred animal. synonyms: pedigree, pureblood, pureblooded, thoroughbred purebred. bred for many generations from member of a recognized breed or strain.

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Is a pedigree a family tree?

A pedigree is a genetic representation of a family tree that diagrams the inheritance of a trait or disease though several generations.

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Does pedigree mean purebred?

A pedigreed animal is one that has its ancestry recorded. Often this is tracked by a major registry. … Sometimes the word purebred is used synonymously with pedigreed, but purebred refers to the animal having a known ancestry, and pedigree refers to the written record of breeding.

What is a social pedigree?

countable/uncountable someone’s parents and other family members from the past, especially in families of a high social class. Synonyms and related words.

Is a cockapoo a pedigree dog?

The cockapoo is not a breed recognised under the Kennel Club – this is because it is a mixed breed crossed with a poodle and a cocker spaniel. It has ancestors from two different breeds of dog, so can’t be purebred or pedigree.

What is your pedigree?

: the history of the family members in a person’s or animal’s past especially when it is good or impressive. : the origin and history of something especially when it is good or impressive.

What is another term for pedigree?

Pedigree Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus.

What is another word for pedigree?

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line lineage
ancestry descent
blood extraction
stock genealogy
birth family

What is an example of a pedigree?

Pedigrees are normally used to represent simple dominant and recessive traits. For example, having a widow’s peak hairline is dominant. … However, they can be carriers of the trait, and if they are carriers, their male children will be colorblind.

What is a bunny pedigree?

Really, it’s simply a record of a rabbit’s ancestors. Think of it like a rabbit family tree. You need three generations (your rabbit’s parents, his or her grandparents, and his or her great-grandparents) to be a full pedigree.

What is the difference between pedigree and non pedigree dogs?

The difference between a pedigree and a non-pedigree dog is just whether the dog is registered with a club or society, and if their family history can be traced. A non-pedigree dog will not be registered anywhere and you might not know both dog’s parents or any of the grandparents. … They just can’t be purebred.