Best answer: What is a noble genie?

You made a pact with one of the rarest of geniekind, a noble genie. Such entities are rulers of vast fiefs on the Elemental Planes and have great influence over lesser genies and elemental creatures. Noble genies are varied in their motivations but are all arrogant collectors of creatures, knowledge, and treasure.

Can a genie be a patron?

Also at 1st level, your patron gifts you a magical vessel that grants you a measure of the genie’s power. The vessel is a Tiny object, and you can use it as a spellcasting focus for your warlock spells.

Genie’s Vessel
d6 Vessel
2 Urn
3 Ring with a compartment
4 Stoppered bottle

What are the types of genies?

The five best known races of genies are djinn (of elemental air), efreet (of elemental fire), marid (of elemental water), shaitan (of elemental earth), and jann (composed of all four elements, and native to the Material Plane). Other, lesser genie races exist, including the diminutive zhyen and malignant black jinn.

Can a genie be a warlock patron?

Warlocks who choose The Genie as a patron have made a pact with a powerful noble genie, granting them elemental affinities, a Genie’s Vessel and an extended spell list. Depending on the genie—Dao, Djinni, Efreeti or Marid—this warlock taps into the elements earth, wind, fire or water.

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What language do Dao speak 5e?

Relationships. Dao were generally on both speaking and trading terms with efreet, trading such things as worked metals in return for minerals. When it came to other types of genies, they held nothing but scorn and hatred towards djinn, marids, and jann.

Can Genie Warlocks fly?

It’s always discussed as the ability to actually fly. Any help deciphering this would be greatly appreciated. The relevant text of the feature says this: “In addition, as a bonus action, you can give yourself a flying speed of 30 feet that lasts for 10 minutes, during which you can hover.”

What does a genie want?

Genie offers Aladdin three wishes on anything he wished, with explicitly only three limitations: Genie could not kill anyone, make anyone fall in love, or bring people back from the dead (although his words implied that he could bring people back from the dead, but it is so horrifying that he will not do it) – and also …

How do genies reproduce?

Although they resemble humanoid beings, genies are actually more like spirits given physical form. … They don’t mate with other genies or produce genie offspring, as all new genies are born out of the same mysterious fusion of spirit energy and elemental power.

Why do genies grant 3 wishes?

I think a better question is why do genies grant three wishes? Because each wish represents the three states of life; past, present, and future. The first wish is to change the present circumstance, otherwise known as the “Get me out of here!” wish.

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What are the rules of a genie?

In most genie stories, genies are bound to several rules. Most common rules are: They can grant only a limited number of wishes (mostly three), they can’t kill a person, they can’t make someone fall in love, they are bound to their lamp/ring/bottle etc.

What language do genies speak?

Djinn speak Jannti, the racial language of all genies. Whether Jannti is a single language or four closely related elemental languages is a matter for debate, however. Djinn also speak Midani, the common tongue of Zakhara.

How does a warlock cast 9th level spells?

Though Warlocks only have spell slot up to 5th level, they have the ability to learn up to 9th level spells using their feature Mystic Arcanum. … It’s separate from your spells known, and you can use it once per long rest without expending a spell slot.

How do Warlock spell slots work?

The Warlock table shows how many Spell Slots you have. … To cast one of your Warlock Spells of 1st Level or higher, you must expend a spell slot. You regain all expended Spell Slots when you finish a short or Long Rest. For example, when you are 5th Level, you have two 3rd-level Spell Slots.

What language do efreet speak?

10 ft./10 ft. The efreet (singular efreeti) are genies from the Elemental Plane of Fire. An efreeti stands about 12 feet tall and weighs about 2,000 pounds. Efreet speak Auran, Common, Ignan, and Infernal.

What are genies weaknesses?

Weaknesses. Genies share most of their weaknesses with their fay folk relatives, however, there is one weakness that is unique to their species. Magical object bond: Genies are bound to their magical object, and, as such, if that object is destroyed, then they will be destroyed along with it.

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