Best answer: What is a 3 generation pedigree package?

The three-generation pedigree provides a pictorial representation of diseases within a family and is the most efficient way to assess hereditary influences on disease. … A three-generation pedigree has been used for diagnostic consideration or risk assessment of rare single-gene or chromosomal disorders.

What is 3 generation pedigree Ukc?

“Purple Ribbon” is a distinction UKC gives to a dog if all 14 ancestors within a dog’s three generation pedigree (parents, grandparents, great grandparents) are each registered with United Kennel Club, and are of the same breed.

What is a 6 generation pedigree package?

$22.00. 6 Generation Pedigree. 6 Generation Pedigree Researched from the registry your dog is registered with. Champions in red and the color, DNA / OFA information is displayed on all but the last generation. Printed on 11 x 17 sheet of paper, folded and shipped flat or rolled and shipped in tube.

What is a 7 generation pedigree package?

7 Generation Pedigree Researched from the registry your dog is registered with. Champions are in red. Color and DNA / OFA information are displayed on all but the last Generation. 7 Generation Pedigrees printed on 13 x 19 paper and shipped rolled in a tube. There is an additional $6.00 shipping charge.

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What is a UKC pedigree package?

UKC issues a unique Performance Pedigree with each registration certificate. For each dog in the pedigree, up to four generations, the Performance Pedigree displays: the coat color. the number of offspring produced. … the number of offspring that earned each title.

Can you breed 3rd Generation dogs?

After a few generations of close inbreeding, it’s wise to outcross to another bloodline/family that compliments the traits of your blood/family. While the goal of selective breeding is to preserve desirable and useful traits, you may cause your dogs harm and discomfort by inbreeding too tightly. Yes, you can.

What does PR mean on UKC papers?

Permanent Registration | United Kennel Club (UKC)

What is a four generation pedigree?

This family tree pedigree chart is used to document your individual genealogy in paper form. … The main purpose to to create a tree with 4 generations so you can have a medium sized chart to view on one page. Individuals can be numbered to be linked with other printed family trees.

How many dogs are in a 5 generation pedigree?

A five generation pedigree contains sixty-two names. That is more than enough to cross your eyes or bring on a massive headache for any breeder, and if an individual is coming to the breeding process with little or no prior experience, it must assuredly seem incomprehensible.

What is a generation performance pedigree package?

* Performance Pedigrees are the most complete 3-generation pedigrees in the world. For each UKCⓇ registered ancestor in the pedigree, we will indicate coat colors, number of offspring produced, as well as the number of degrees earned by those offspring.

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What is the difference between AKC and pedigree?

Embossed gold AKC seal certifies that your dog’s pedigree has been compiled from official Stud Book records and is an authentic AKC document. … Pedigree shows your dog’s ancestry and gives the registered names and registration numbers of your dog’s “family tree.”

Does pedigree mean purebred?

A pedigreed animal is one that has its ancestry recorded. Often this is tracked by a major registry. … Sometimes the word purebred is used synonymously with pedigreed, but purebred refers to the animal having a known ancestry, and pedigree refers to the written record of breeding.

How do you check a dog’s pedigree?

If your dog is a registered purebred, you can check its pedigree by ordering a pedigree certificate from the kennel club it’s registered with. Visit their website to see if you can order an online certificate or a hard copy from your kennel club.

How much does it cost to register a dog with UKC?

Forms & Fees

Application Fee: 0-6 months Fee: 6-12 months
Registration of Coonhound Litter (PDF) $30 $60
Registration of Cur or Feist Litter (PDF) $30 $60
Dual Sired Litter Application (PDF) $50 $50
Non-UKC Registered Sire Litter Application (PDF) $30 $60

Does UKC registered American bully?

The American Bully breed developed as a natural extension of the American Pit Bull Terrier. … The American Bully breed was recognized by the United Kennel Club on July 15, 2013.

What are UKC titles?

UKC offers 5 coveted titles to the HRC program: Started Hunting Retriever (SHR); Hunting Retriever (HR); Hunting Retriever Champion (HRCH); Grand Hunting Retriever Champion (GRHRCH); and Upland Hunter (UH).

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